"The Catholic Community of Saint Ignatius"
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Radio Mass thanks WBAL for nearly eighteen years of broadcasting our liturgy.

Because of a change in WBAL's programming policy, Radio Mass changed to new radio stations.

Beginning on March 01, 2015, and every Sunday thereafter, you will hear our liturgy live at 9:00am Sunday morning on your choice of two AM stations. We will broadcast simultaneously on WQLL-1370 and WCBM-680, both on the AM dial.
If you live in White Marsh, Bel AIr or Harford County, you might get better reception on the 99.9FM translator.

We will then re-broadcast the day's liturgy at 6:00 pm in the evening only on WCBM - 680 on the AM dial.

Both WQLL and WCBM stream their broadcast to the internet. You can hear us using your computer. Go to our HOME page for links to the two radio stations

After every Radio Mass broadcast on either radio station you may also listen to the new program, "Catholic Baltimore," which is follows in the next time slot. Catholic Baltimore also follows our 6:00pm rebroadcast.